Seeking Basel aptmnt Jan.2016 (for money or in exchange for NYC apt)

Hello, my husband, baby, and I will be in Basel starting January 2016 and are interested in a long-term sublet costing (ideally) around 1500-1700 CH, preferably an easy walk or train-ride to University of Basel. A 3-room apartment would be best, but we can also do a 2-room, provided there is room in the living room for a bed.

We'd be willing to pay rent or to exchange for our spacious 2-room apartment in Manhattan (can provide photos, if interested). The rent will be increasing to $2400/month starting in January 2016. We are in a great neighborhood, and the apartment is plenty large enough for us and the baby.

We will be staying in Basel for at least 2 or 3 years (my fellowship there is up to 6 years). However, we'd be happy for an apartment that we could stay in until at least June 2016.
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